[3+2]/4 written as 5/4

Sorry for posting this again, I might have asked similar question earlier.

I’m trying to create a 5/4 time signature that has a dashed line in the middle of the bar.

One solution would be to hide [3+2] and add 5/4 as text with MusGlyphs. But is it possible to turn off collision avoidance for single text item? This method feels like it’s going to be not worth the time.

What looks like a better solution would be to simply add those dashed barlines to every instrument on the first bar:

But if I try to add it as a dashed barline, it will connect all the staves:

Is it possible to create a barline that appears for each staff individually?

It sounds like an aggregate time signature could be more what you want - although it wouldn’t show as 5/4. You could do an aggregate time sig from bar 2, hide it, and mock-up bar 1, although that would split multi-bar rests for resting parts.

If you’re not following specific instructions for recreation, and you just want to clarify the beat grouping, my understanding is that is often done with a simple system text (or similar) object with/near the tempo - “3+2”.

The problem is, that if I write it as a normal 5/4, there is no automatic option for correct beam grouping. The time signature “3/4|2/4” fixes the beam grouping (every beat should be beamed individually) and as a byproduct comes this dashed line (which I think also clarifies the beat grouping).

I’d be fine if I could solve either of these problems:

  1. how to mock-up those dashed barlines for the first bar?


  1. how to display 3/4|2/4 as 5/4?

Of course I can leave it to display as 3/4+2/4, but it looks unnecessarily complicated to me…

You can always specify beat grouping as part of a time signature - e.g. [3+2]/4 for a 5/4 time signature divided that way but appearing as 5/4. If you want every beat to be separate, you could do [1+1+1+1+1]/4 but you might then have to force longer durations for held notes.

My suggestion was to input a 5/4 bar (with or without specified beat grouping in square brackets) for bar 1, so it looks that way, then input a hidden aggregate time signature in bar 2, so you only have to force any dashed barlines in the first bar. You could do that with dashed vertical lines that you adjust in Engrave mode, for example, or if you don’t mind giving each staff an independent 5/4 time signature, you could then have independent dashed barlines on each staff. Or you could ignore the single-staff option and fiddle about with barline joins in Engrave mode.

Thank you for the help!

I might try that dashed vertical lines mockup, that sounds like the most effecient way. There are maybe 10 to 20 of these time signatures, so I’ll try to find a way that would be so efficient that it is worth the work.

Yeah have a play and see which method works best :slight_smile:

Seems that the best solution is to write it as normal 5/4 and fix the beam grouping manually where it is needed. Thank you for the help!

But drawing vertical lines manually was also pretty fast and works for parts as well: