3.2 .?

Hi I have upgraded from Cubasis lt, to version 3.,1 just a few months ago. Do I now have to pay again for version 3.2. .?

There is no need to pay again

Then how do I get an update.
Also how do I get the icon on my iPad to say Cubasis 3 instead of LE?

Download cubasis at App Store, LE is a trial version

Yes I understand.

I had a Ur22c interface downloaded the le app. Paid for a upgrade to 3.

Icon still says le version. App comes up as full 3.1.3 version

Store in app says Cubasis full feature set
Brought !

So how do I get ver 3.2 to install???

Hi Dr_macd,

Cubasis 3.2 and Cubasis LE 3.2 are free updates for existing customers.
Alongside, if you’ve purchased the Cubasis 3 Full Feature Set IAP, v3.2 will update your Cubasis LE 3 version with all features of Cubasis 3.

In regards to your installation problem:
Please visit your app store page on your iOS device, which should offer an update button.
In addition, please give it a try to drag down the update screen.

Hope that helps.