3/4 in 6/8?

I’m new to Dorico. Even after reading the manual, I can’t get a half note in 6/8, there are some hemeola patterns. Edit durations, forced durations, can’t get it to work. Is it possible ?

Many thanks

It’s certainly possible: it should be as simple as this:

  1. Show the caret.
  2. Hit O to engage Forced Durations: make sure the G clamp in the left-hand toolbox is illuminated.
  3. Hit 7 to choose the half note duration.
  4. Type the note name or play the note on your keyboard for the desired pitch.

Thanks for your answer! Do you mean “Lock to duration”? That indeed shows the G clamp. But it seems the G clamp and quarter note can’t be selected at the same time. The second quarter keeps showing as 2 tied eights, and can’t seems to be changed after the fact. Am I missing something?

Many thanks!

You should be able to select one, then the other, and then enter the pitch.

However, another approach would be to check the Notation Options, and set the Note Groupings as you want them, to reduce split notes globally.

Lock to Duration (L) is the padlock icon.
Forced Duration (O) is the G-clamp.

That does it! Many many thanks! Finale user #1008 and loving Dorico!!!

Another option - in the time signature popover (shift M), type [2+2+2]/8; the time signature will display as 6/8, but rhythms will be interpreted as 3/4. If you need to go back to regular 6/8, you can enter that the normal way, and then hide the new time signature in the bottom Properties panel.