3/4 meter changes randomly to 4/4?

This is a new one for me, and I’m at a total loss.

New piece, not from XML. No funny business.

I set meter to 3/4,1. You can see the piece is returning to 4/4 in subsequent bars. But I have no idea why. I even tried adding another 3/4 in the first full bar, which shouldn’t be necessary. But no cigar.

Every meter change I make now (in this file) seems to apply for only THAT bar. No hidden signposts. Brand new project.

Thoughts? I’m scratching my head.
3-4 error.png

Here’s the piece, zipped.

UPDATE: I was able to resolve it by setting the first full bar to 3/4 again, deleting all following bars, and adding them back again. But I’d still like to figure out why it happened.
Confused.dorico.zip (333 KB)

Another problem: sorry to blow up this thread, but I also can’t add a final barline on the first flow if it’s truly the final measure… try it…

What is going on? Must be a full moon.

Hi Dan.
I’d suggest you show the signposts on the picture you sent, they can be useful with those meter issues.
Have you checked Notation options>barline (actually final barline of the flow)? In any case, invoking the bar popover and write fine should work. Otherwise there’s some serious trouble here!

The project is full of hidden time signatures, which you can see if you switch on View > Signposts > Time Signatures as Marc suggests. Not sure how they got there, but they’re definitely produced by human hand rather than by a Dorico gremlin.

Ahhh. Ich shame mich, I had turned off time signatures from the signposts menu. No idea how they were added, but I’m thankful it was user error. Cleaning egg off the face is a relatively simple job…