3.5.1 Barline bugs

Dear Team,

I once more completed a composition, in which I probably use more workarounds than I have normal music written, leading to a lot of weird behavior of course.
In this project I used a lot of additional staves for single players, which lead to some issues with barlines. I will fill this thread with several issues regardin this topic.

The first is the double barline in the beginning of page 2 (rehearsal mark #3) of my excerpt. Please don’t mind the engraving issues, it got lost in creating this excerpt.


  1. See that the Soprano loses one staff and has a nice closing barline
  2. select the “-1 staff” signpost in the tenor voice
  3. nudge it to the left

result: the double barline is not fully pierced by the staff, but the second barline “floats” in nothing.
barline bug.dorico.zip (734 KB)

Bug #2: Barlines between players/staves

  1. In the same file as attached in the first post, go to rehearsal mark #2.
  2. select the barline of “Tenor I”
  3. Try to extend with alt-shift-down

result: it will extend in another place, actually between Tenor and Bass

  1. go to “Bass II”
  2. try to extend with alt-shift-up

result: the selection jumps first, then extends somewhere else. Sometimes it even jumps to the soprano staff.
In general this appeared to be quite random and sometimes it seemed to work normally (at other places in the piece)

Bug #3:

Attached to this post you’ll find another excerpt.


  1. Go to page 5 (rehearsal mark 10)
  2. select the double barline at the end in tenor or bass
  3. try to change them spanning staves

result: it’s not possible.

Actually, it’s not possible at any player here, but for example selecting the alto-tutti staff and trying to change the barline with alt-shift-arrow results in the barlines on the next page to be changed.
systembarline.dorico.zip (806 KB)


to add to this thread, attached you find another (reduced) project. I want to connect all the staves connected with the wavy bracket, but it doesn’t work in the first system, but in the following.

Maybe someone could help? Or is it a bug?

barline_2.dorico.zip (507 KB)

I’ve not had a chance to look into this yet, but I have the tab open here in my browser and when I’m able to make the time I will look into this in more detail.