3.5 Down arpeggio with arrow has a messed up arrow, in any font other than Bravura

That project looks fine. Make sure you’re using the latest Dorico 3.5.x build (download the installer here).

Thanks Daniel, I updated to, but the arrows still point up:
Slice 2_2.pdf (11.3 KB)

This problem appeared sometime in May or June (3.5?) and is clearly related to the font version of Bravura. We had to solve this with Nor Eddine while he was finishing his great SMUFL fonts. You must make sure you don’t have an old version of Bravura hidden in your computer, along with the current one.

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It looks to me like you have installed Bravura in your user account only, otherwise it would have been installed in C:\WINDOWS\FONTS. It probably needs to be installed as a system font for all users by right clicking the font file and choosing “Install for all users.”

Bingo! That worked perfectly. Thanks, @mducharme. That’s a pretty unobvious thing, I never knew fonts could be attached to users.