3.5: Hide instrument changes

So, with the new custom part transpositions, it’s now almost possible to do something I’ve wanted for a long time… being able to produce a “modern” Horn in F part in parallel with <= 19th century horn parts written for multiple natural horns.

The only remaining stumbling block is that every time the “real” part switches to a different natural horn the modern part gets a totally redundant “hn in F” instrument change - and instrument changes are one of the things you can’t hide or otherwise suppress.

I appreciate that it has to be done at each instrument change in turn, but is there a problem with the graphical result if you select the ‘Hn in F’ instrument change label in Engrave mode, and hide it by activating the ‘Hide prefix’ property and setting ‘Custom text’ to an empty string, e.g. a single space character?

Nope, that works.