3.5 is a brilliant update

The improvement is huge, and I’m not even talking about the big highlights. The little things like auto-masking around time signatures, the Hollywood-style parts, better beam angles, searching within preferences windows, and so much more. Reading through the version history is breathtaking.

Congratulations to Daniel and the Team.

And speed! It’s a zippier program from the very first moment you boot it up.

I agree, I am amazed. I updated and installed without a hitch and was watching through Anthony’s videos in amazement.

When it showed the ‘guitar chord diagrams at start of flow’ function I couldn’t believe it. So unexpected hahah!

I agree, the print preview is so good - no more going to print mode and finding the page haha.

The Dorico Team certainly have put this isolation time to good use, thank you so much everybody :slight_smile:


I’m delighted that you are finding a lot to enjoy in the new update. Tell your friends! :slight_smile:

I find it zippier too. And align dynamics seems to work better.

Big thanks for 3.5 - now I’m saving for 4.0
Kind regards and a few nice days.

(sorry my English, thanks also for the upcoming YouTube live videos in German :smiley: )

Yesterday I was editing an orchestra score with Condensing turned on, and it was so responsive that I forgot the score was condensed. Really impressive!

Yes, I too would like to thank the team for their Herculean achievement. This is a huge update: worthy of a major integer number in itself. Bigger than even the legendary v2.2.

Getting all this done, while also responding to posts here and elsewhere (weekends, evenings and bank holidays!), and no doubt other responsibilities – while under lockdown – is just phenomenal.