3.5 - note input changed in percussion drumkit

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Not sure what has happened here, I updated to Vers 3.5 - I have been working on inputting parts for a percussion drumkit - before the update I would press enter then navigate to the instrument I wanted to input, say hi hat, and just press a middle c on my keyboard to input. Now it has stopped working. The keyboard input is fine for other instruments and still works for changing note values that I have set up at lower end of keyboard. So it seems the behaviour of something has changed but I can’t work out what. it is not the ‘note before rhythm’ switch, I have tried toggling that, but I have a sneaking suspicion (rightly or wrongly) that the implementation of that might have something to do with it. Stuck and confused now ! Any help greatly appreciated as I can’t input anything to a percussion drumkit staff currently :frowning:

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Can you tell me which settings you have chosen on the Note Input and Editing page of Preferences for ‘Input onto a kit or grid’ in the Percussion Kit section?

Everything seems to be working as I would expect at the moment, so I need a bit more info to try to figure out where the issue might be.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the reply.

In that preferences section I have - ‘use staff position’, ‘Input techniques from key 48’ and ‘12 keys for technique’.

I can switch to ‘use percussion map’ in the first line, but then I have to move around the keyboard to input rather than just moving the line on the staff with the arrows on my computer keyboard and my other hand (as opposed to midi keyboard - I use a mixture of both usually and it’s nice and quick) and hitting a middle c which is the behaviour I had before and preferred, though I guess I can change to ‘use percussion map’ as a workaround.

I’m not sure why it changed though, and hitting middle c with these preferences seems to do nothing though weirdly, random keys further up the keyboard do input things - so far I have found two crashes and a snare (but still no hi hat!).

Maybe I just have to re-set up my kit or something after the update? Still head scratching, but I am sure I’ll sort it somehow. It’s just a bit weird, and tripped me up!

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Mike, I hate to say this, but I believe your memory must be a little faulty. I’ve just tried percussion input in both Dorico 3.1 and Dorico 3.5 to verify that I’m not going mad, and I don’t think I am, but with the settings you describe above, both Dorico 3.1 and Dorico 3.5 won’t input notes when you play middle C on your keyboard on a standard drum set; C5 will put in a snare drum, because that’s what matches the staff position in the treble clef, but C4 isn’t mapped to anything by default, so that’s why it won’t input anything.

If you want to input at the caret’s position, your best bet is to hit Y on your computer keyboard rather than any note on your MIDI keyboard.

That is really odd, thought I had updated to 3.1 before 3.5, but I was definitely entering notes with middle c, just the night before upgrading to 3.5. Maybe I was only on 3.0, not 3.1 ?

Anyway, firstly, you don’t need to worry about saying my memory is faulty as it most certainly is (notwithstanding this) as I am nearly 60 and 5 years post stroke so it’s a miracle I am alive and remembering enough to score anything at all ;p

And secondly I have changed my workflow to use ‘percussion map’ and I will get used to this in time, so I am sorted.

Thanks again for pointing me in a direction. And for taking the time to experiment. Not surprised you are working on a weekend but you shouldn’t be :astonished:

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Also the project I am working on (still scoring out a Digitiphony, squeezed between other work) was actually originated in Dorico 1 (!) so may be a bit of an anomaly. Though I am on the last movement now, I would not be surprised if you are well in to Dorico 4, maybe even 5, before I finish, which may make it something of a record - ‘scored in Dorico 1,2,3 and 4’ ;p Thanks again Daniel.

Well, I’m very glad you’re healthy enough to be working on your big project, and long may it continue!

Maybe I am going mad… but I thought I could input multiple voices at the same time using my midi keyboard. Such as Hi-Hat/Crash Cymbal and Bass Drum. When I try to input both voices at the same time by playing F (above middle C) and A (2 octaves above middle C), I only get the crash cymbal to notate, but I get the sound of the bass drum.

Did this change? Or am I remembering something that wasn’t possible in earlier versions?


Upon further review, I can add Hi-Hat/Crash cymbal and snare drum at the same time, but cannot add bass drum and hi-hat at the same time. Is this by design?