3.5 Praise

Dear Dev team, dear Daniel,
I have not found a thread only about praise. I have worked a little on symphonic work with extensive use of the condensing features. This feels a totally different program!!! I read it felt snappier. Well, on my old machine (2013 Macbook pro) it’s sooo much faster :sweat_smile:
Dear team, we appreciate that you read and deal with (almost) all our requests in a way or another, but this time it’s only about congratulations for this amazing work. Things that don’t shine (performance increase, xml export improvements) really DO make a difference. (And I love the shiny features too.)


I love the new pitch before duration input ability!

I agree wholeheartedly! Thanks, Marc, for this well-deserved praise of the dev. team’s and Daniel’s unceasing work and their patience in reading and dealing with the requests and the problems written about in the forums. It strikes me how unique this level of commitment is and I feel lucky to be one of the users benefitting from it.

This update gave my good ol’MBP 2012 at least another year of life! I actually feel like I’ve saved money!
For me it felt like a 4.0, so kudos to the team!

On behalf of the whole team, you’re very welcome, and thank you for taking the time to write a note of appreciation. You can be sure I’ll share this with everybody in the team.