3.5 - Showing a text item in full score only

I want text to be on full score only.

I create a system text on my full score, open the Properties panel, switch the “Set local properties” option to “Globally”, and turn on Hide.

That works - the text is hidden in all layouts.

Then in the full score I switch “Set local properties” option over to “Local”, and turn Hide off. I would expect that the text would be visible only in the full score, but instead it is visible in all layouts.

In other words, you can Hide locally, but un-Hiding is global.

Hopefully I’m missing something obvious. Otherwise you have to go through each part and hide - or use a fallback kludge such as putting the text on the topmost player and hiding on the player.

Apologies if this has been discussed already and I missed it.

If you only want something to appear in the score, is System Text really the best choice. I would imagine that regular SHIFT+X text would require you to hide it on fewer layouts.

That’s the kludge I mentioned - you put the text you want on the topmost player via SHIFT+X, then you switch to the part layout and hide it. But that’s really a backwards way of doing things, isn’t it? In order to get something to appear on your full score only you have to add it to a part and then hide it on the part?

IMHO this is one of the few features that Sibelius had that’s still missing from Dorico. In Sibelius you could select the text and choose if the text is on Full Score only, parts only, or both.

This is a tricky one, one of the few things (possibly the only thing) that would work better if Propagate Properties worked the way it used to prior to Dorico 3.5. At the moment you really do have to whizz through each layout hiding the text item in each layout, and this is for boring technical reasons. I do agree that we need a better way to handle this.