3 Bugs not on previous versions

Hiya, I noticed 3 bugs, more but I will report them as I come across them again now I found the forum. :slight_smile:

1st bug, on Cubase 8.5 when changing track, clicking in and out of eq, mixer and cubase windows it causes a judder and loss of sync at times.

2nd bug, when loading plugins it will desync and cut audio. E.g. if I’m in kontakt I can drag a sound no cut or desync’ing of tempo, if I double click to load then desync.
If I load a plugin then audio cut, desync.
Previously on cubase 5 I could load plugins and only plugins like compressors would cause audio to cut a split second, but no loss in sync. Now any loading or selecting causes desync’d and lots of issues of long audio cuts.

I am on Windows 10 so if their is an option to fix this it would be nice.

3rd bug, when soloing a track then unsoloing it leaves some tracks still solo’d.

I will try make a video of these issues sometimes soon.