3-color meters

I just noticed that my meters are 100% blue. Have they always been this way? I thought that they were blue at the bottom, yellow above -6dB, and red over 0dB. However, when I tried to recreate this there were only two little color handles, not three.

I must be imagining that I had 3-color meters… right?

You can add as many colour meters as you like in the preferences dialogue. I can’t remember exactly off hand but combinations of ctrl , alt or shift and click will either add or delete a colour tab to your meters. Just mess around with it , you’ll figure it out quick enough.

I think it’s alt+ click will give you a new colour separator.


I’ll try that, thanks!

Remember that the lowest color on the meter determines the color that shows on the arrange windows.
If you want to have a meter that goes from dim to bright, make the the very first color a bright one( that will show in arrange window) then then put another color marker right above it so that becomes your dim or dark starting color.

Nice one John, thanks for that :slight_smile:

yes, or if you wanted a different colour in the arrange window just put a very small separator of that colour at the bottom, you’ll not see in in the mixer but the whole meter will be that colour on you arrange tracks.