3 combined Dynamics?


How can I creat 3 different combined dynamics?

I’d like to have mp-f-ff, because there a 3 repeats:



You can’t do this at the moment, and indeed combined dynamics are not really meant to represent different dynamics on a different pass through the music in any case. You’ll need to create a suitable Shift+X text item, I guess.

ok, Thanks.

The combination mp-f means a shift from mp to f on the one note. Common in classical music. It does not mean play first time mp and next time f. I don’t know any musicians who would interpret it like that.

As @dspreadbury you can use system text, and to get the similar font as the dynamics you can get MusGlyphs. But you could also write out the repeats and give the dynamic for each one, if they are not too long. That would be clearer to a performer.

That is standard for American Band Music. It’s a big world out there.


I have never seen the dynamic mp-f used in any other way than to indicate different volume levels on each pass of a repeated section. This is very common in elementary music, jazz and pop, and band music. I do it often for my clients. I’ve never, ever seen it used in “classical” music.


These combined dynamic indications originated with fp and branched out from there, to different grades of f and p. Only sometime in the mid-19th century do we start to see pf – and the uncertain meaning of that has been discussed quite thoroughly elsewhere on the forum.

Dorico allows us to combine any levels of f and p in either order, and for certain combinations it is grammatically necessary to add a dash between them. I personally don’t think mp-f (or any levels of p-f) on a single note makes any sense, but there you are.

This is all completely different and separate from the ‘volta’ indications the OP wants. Though (as Daniel said in #2) these are not so far supported in Dorico, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.


I completely agree with you.

Although I don’t doubt it’s history etc I’ve only seen it to indicate a different dynamic upon repeating. I actually tried to get mf-f yesterday but obviously no luck.

Then just use system text with MusGlyphs font.


Yep, that’s exactly what I had to do too.