3 easy questions that I can't seem to figure out..


New user here, so forgive my stupid questions, but if these can be answered it would be of great value to me!

  1. Midi Fader - I control midi volume with a fader on my keyboard. Works perfectly well, data gets recorded, no problems. In the inspector, I see the “MIDI Fader” Section, and it doesn’t move or reflect my volume automation, nor does it move with my physical fader on my keyboard. Also panning is far left and says OFF… when the instrument i’m playing is in the middle… Oddly, if I move these faders/pans, it DOES affect the instrument i’m playing… Did I set something up wrong? (also, while we are discussing, whats the point in having READ/WRITE on a midi track? When it reads MIDI CC, regardless if READ is on?)

  2. I was testing my Audio recording workflow yesterday and noticed something that is a bit annoying. I only have 2 inputs. I usually just use 1 90% of the time. So I have a bunch of audio tracks routed to Input 1 ready to go in my template. Now, I purposefully took off the preference where if you select an audio track, it record enables it. I like that preference for MIDI but not audio, as I’ll edit other audio tracks while recording audio… But I noticed that I can engage record on multiple audio tracks even if they are ALL set to INPUT 1. This is a bit annoying because, say i’m recording a track, then want to switch to another track to record something else, I have to Un-record the current track, and then record enable the new track. My question is - Can I set it to only record enable 1 input at a time? As in, it would be impossible to record more than 2 tracks with the same input?

  3. Editing Automation Data Points - In every other DAW i’ve worked in, there’s usually a modifying key (option, cmd, shift, tab, etc) that if you hold it down, you can grab one automation point, then drag it over and it will erase other automation points as you drag. I use this all the time in DP, Live, PT, etc. Is this a setting or is there a modifying key to do this?

    Thank you so much! I’ve scanned the forums as much as I can and read the manual. But I just haven’t quite found the exact answer for these questions.



No-one’s answered, probably because there’s no obvious answers :slight_smile: Here’s some waffle.

  1. The midi fader is mostly just another volume controller, it sends mid volume messages but it doesn’t respond to them. So, tweaking the fader on your keyboard doesn’t make it move. That’s a pity I think, but that’s the way it is! Perhaps you should raise this as a feature request, I for one would quite like to see the screen fader display the current midi volume that is applied… I say ‘mostly’ at the top there because you may be able to use quickkeys or the generic remote editor to actually control the volume fader instead of sending midi volume messages, but I’ve not tried this.

  2. There’s no way to limit armed tracks to only one per input. Again, you could raise this as a feature request, and it would actually be very useful for stopping you accidentally recording the same thing (I’ve done this myself when recording external keyboards in a complex song because I’ve got a number of external synths racked up and submixed so they come in through the same channel - I have to be careful when recording them separately!). One thing that I’ve done is define a shortcut key for ‘disarm all tracks’, then I select the track I want to arm, click the ‘disarm’ key, and click R to arm the selected track. You could even create a macro assigned to a key to bundle these two actions together. (here’s another thing, I’d like a global Arm button like the Mute and Solo buttons at the top… which could tell me if I’ve got any tracks armed and allow me to arm all or none - especially useful for giant projects!).

  3. Well, I’ve never found a feature like this! Could be quite interesting to be able to do it… Have you tried the pencil tool maybe that’ll help? I tend to lasso things with the mouse and delete them, then add new points.


Thank you for your answers. Maybe they weren’t as “easy” as I thought… haha. But you cleared up a lot of things. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something easy like a simple preference or something.

I’m using the IC Pro app as well… this is going to radically make my workflow so much better. I’ve been making Macro’s for the last few weeks… the thing is powerful! and fast! I do have a “Safe Record” button on the iPad app… it’s a Macro that “Record all midi and audio - enable, then disable” works well!

Thanks again for the help! Really loving Cubase!