3 Issues Mac VST Connect Pro

I’m really glad this has been updated - it’s not a cheap piece of software and has been basically unusable for me for years now.

I’m on Mojave 10.14.6 using Cubase Pro 10.5.12.

  1. When there are two webcams, one webcam displays fine, but the other one flickers badly and is unusable (but both cameras work fine in OBS and any other video software). Both webcams in my case are identical in terms of brand and model.

  2. If I have 4 Cues in use (which I do), VST Connect just hangs and won’t work, rather than telling me that I need to remove a Cue to make it work properly (this took me hours to find out).

  3. If the VST Connect window is open and I choose ‘Remove VST Connect’ it crashes Cubase completely.

re: 1 - try the latest version


resolved a dual webcam issue I was having in windows

yes, 4.0.41 may solve 1.
2. yes, sorry, is on the list.
3. can’t reproduce (Windows), maybe an OSX issue. We’ll check; it might be good to know which other windows were open at the time.

Thanks for reporting!