3 methods to get the music from a D4 score to a new D5 score, all crash (details inside)


As I was unable to convert my orchestral template created in D4.3 to D5 (as documented here), I recreated a brand new template in Dorico 5.
I also applied the “Silence” playback template to my old D4.3 score, opened it in D5 and saved it so it’s now a D5 Silent template, which we’ll call “OldSilentTemplate”.

Now my goal is to get the music notated in OldSilentTemplate into BrandNewTemplate. For this I’ve tried 3 approaches, and all failed:

  • Opened both scores side by side, tried to copy-paste a few staves at a time → Dorico stalled and crashed. I thought this could be related to the slowness identifed with copy-pasting in D5 as documented here.
  • Saved the playback template + endpoint configuration of BrandNewTemplate, went back to SilentOldTemplate, tried to “apply and close” the playback template → Dorico crashed. I created a diagnostic report at this point.
  • Reoponed SilentOldTemplate, exported my precious flow, closed SilentOldTemplate. Opened BrandNewTemplate, imported said flow → Dorico crashed. I created a second diagnostic report.

I swear none of these templates were created in a luxury hotel built on an ancient Native cemetery.
For the moment I’ve resorted to use MusicXML to transfer the music from one to the other but it means 85% of the work I had done is lost. And Dorico 5 has features like custom dynamic curves which are a game-changer to me, so staying in D4.3 is a disappointing option.

@dspreadbury, may I send you these diagnostic reports?

Thank you!

The problem isn’t with the project itself, but rather with the contents of your precious flow, I’m afraid! But you can certainly send me your diagnostic reports: email them to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de and I’ll double-check that you are seeing the issue I expect you’re seeing. I’m sorry for the inconvenience you’re experiencing.