3 min pop song

Hi, a short pop song…drums recorded in the bathroom…vox recorded in the shower ( Joe Meek style) tried to make it sound like a sixties production…Kevin


Nice song, and yes, it DOES evoke 60’s pop. However, if you really want it to SOUND like 60’s, you might try mixing it in mono, and use mono FX sends… and then maybe darken it up a bit by rolling off some upper frequencies

Again, very nice song :sunglasses:

Hi, your so right, however, my production skills leave a lot to be desired, it would take me 3 or 4 years of figuring out what to do to achieve your suggestion…but it would make for a better song, I hope my production skills will improve the more I knock out songs, I learn a bit on each one and when I receive comments from the Cubase community it helps me even more because sometimes I can’t see the wood for the trees, thanks and best regards, Kevin

Really good song. Well preformed. Mid 60’s, I was there and this song does it. One thing I really like about the tools we have to day, is we can do different peroid music and give it the full stereofonic, live stage treatment. I think embracing both is magical and fresh. I say you have the chops and your headed down the right track. Keep going!

Nice song.

Quick question: the guitars were played on a Strat, right? If so, do you have access to a Tele? I’m willing to bet that a Tele would add more of the 60’s feel to it.

I agree with you but I do think Twilightsong makes a good point regarding a more authentic 60’s sound…

How on earth did you know the guitar is a Strat…

Nice job, cool song.
Sounds pretty much like a 60’s song. I agree with Doug’s (twilightsong) tips.


BTW, I could also hear it’s a Strat… :wink: