3 Monitor graphics card

How does this look for a graphics card for triple monitors. Two 22" and one HDMI flat screen 40". Fanless.

It was hard finding a simple three monitor passive graphics card. Anyone have any other recommendations?
Would love a single slot low profile card.

I’m interested in this as well.

You need to be careful with the maximum screen resolution on that graphics card, it’s only 4096 x 2160, so check what resolution your three monitors are, and see if that fits within what that card can do, it wouldn’t drive three 1600x1200 monitors for example, unless the card can dynamically assign unused vertical height to the horizontal width,

and I have found in the past certain graphics cards, only allow certain resolutions on some outputs (DVI/HDMI etc),

graphic card specs are generally a bit vague.

Or just use any two graphics cards with 2 or more outputs.
Windows handles this inherently.

Have a look at matrox products. They are superior in terms of multiple-monitor-handling.

You will not find the ultimate 3D-Power, but everything you need for multiple screens.



I’ve had good luck with the Nvidia quadro k1200

I usually run into the issue that I can only extend two out of three monitors, so the third can only be a duplicate… can someone please elaborate, does matrox handle extended screens to three monitors well? Does Quadro do the same? How about ATI Firepro?

Just wondering, as I am an Nvidia GTX user both at work and at home due to 3D performance requirements.

Good point. The monitors never seem to ‘do’ what I want.

IE. I only really need Cubase to be in 2 monitors, but when I’ve tried adding a 3rd (to keep Wavelab or some other program always in view like Vienna Ensemble) -something- happens where I can’t keep them ‘focused’ as I would like. Or the 2 Cubase Windows will not stay functionally ‘open’ as I Alt-Tab between other apps.

There should be a better way to tell each window ‘stay’.

I tried this card and it was sagging down in my pci slot because the heatsink was so heavy. Also it made my screens sluggish to turn on. Maybe because of the 2 adapters needed?
I went back to my old trusty radeon passive 5450. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0085O90YU/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I am going to try a more current single slot card with a fan/heatsink.

You can turn the fan off through their software. I also want to compare AMD vs Nvidia driver performance on C9.