3 monitors - mixer wont stay at my choise

This worked fine in Cubase 7.5. Just upgraded to 8.5 Pro.

Now my mixer console (F3) wont stay at my 3. monitor, as it used to. It creeps back to my second one even though I’ve tried saving the workspace.

Any help here?

Same issue here. Mixer is out of control!

+1 Same here since Cubase Pro 8.

Same issue with 3d monitor. I tried to set Cubase 8.5 to 3d monitor Only however I got an issue when drop-menues open in Monitor#2 instead of #3
Moreover main Menu bar ends on the very begining of 3d monitor and if I try to move the whole bar to 3d monitor completely it’s inposssible to do.
pic_027 Dec. 16 22.17.jpg
pic_028 Dec. 16 22.17.jpg

Same issue here. Furthermore the row count of the mixer drops from 40 to 22 when recalled!

Fortunately, this works for me mostly, except that having two mix consoles in my projects will not open with one console meter as peak and the other as loudness. Also, each mix console has some garbage visible for a few pixels on the bottom when opening an existing project. Pulling the menu bar down and back up to the top (i.e. windows auto-maximize) will solve it. Neither are huge detail, but would be classy to resolve.


same here. always reverts to first monitor on opening project.

I have the same issues working on 2 monitors. Whenever I open an existing project, the mixer is hidden behind the main window (on the main screen) even though it was saved with the mixer on the second screen.

This - aside from the fact that we can’t run the mixer in full-screen anymore - is extremely annoying, especially when jumping in between different projects.

I don’t understand how a feature as simple as this (which worked just fine in the past) could be removed. And in a time when most applications run perfectly fine in full-screen (I’m on a mac), why can’t cubase?

This must be fixed.

PS: A small work-around (annoying, but working):

  • Place mixer 1 on whatever screen you prefer
  • Save it as a workspace
  • Close the mixer 1 and open mixer 2
  • Save as workspace

The strange thing is - whenever you now switch from the second workspace to the first, the mixer position is remembered, in the right position and on the correct screen.

Until this is fixed, at least it’s (only) a 2 click solution: Open a saved project, select workspace 2, then workspace 1, now it’s all in it’s place.

I found I had trouble with multiple monitors on mac when I updated my OS (this doesn’t fix the main OPs problem but a little hint for those who don’t know): Make sure to right click the Cubase icon in the Dock and play around with the pining to monitors options there. It may or may not help :laughing: