3 New Tunes

I’ve been in a recording mood lately. I did these 3 this week.
Sorry to post so many at once.

Cubase 8
RME Fireface 802


So I listened to them all. More than once. They are magnificent. The guitar playing is so tasteful throughout; is it always a strat? I’m thinking of changing my steinberg name to Iluviluvstrats. I do switch once in a while to my les paul or es-335, but I love the sound you get.

Appreciate the comments Early21. I played my 64 strat on each of the 3 songs through a 72 dlx reverb that I just purchased.

very good and great playing as usual ,i love the sound of what sounds like an old beat up guitar on the Drive West Latin song ,great humour, very creative. love all the tracks

Hi Leon hope you are well

Hey Polgara, glad you’re back. It’s so slow here nowadays. Can’t understand why these three songs didn’t get a million hits. Been a couple other interesting things, in case you need to catch up, such as the one from Peter (desert). Maybe has been a Jet song or two since you last checked in. Kevin Mack has changed DAWs and has flown the coop to somebody else’s forum. Hope to hear anything from you. I’m in writer’s drought, so nothing on the way right now! Spent the spring getting ready to play our once a year live gig, but that’s come and gone. We’re quite an irregular band. Didn’t even record our set this year, even though it came out pretty good.

In no particular order, always a pleasure to listen to a) your Strat playing b) your songs c) your Strat playing. You have a lovely ear for sweet harmonies, both sung and played. I like the way you seem to get a rich layered sound with the vocals as well. But mainly I like your Strat playing.


Yeah, I’m with Plectrumboy. I’m listening again for the pleasure of it. Mainly I like the Strat playing.