Yesterday, I needed to import the audio from video from several MP4 files.

I Opened Nuendo 7 and imported the 1st file. When I checked playback on it, I got nothing, not even metering! :astonished: Since I’ve had an issue with “Dead Tracks,” I opened a new track, moved the file to it and tried play again. Same result (WTH?). As I was on a deadline, I opted to close N7 and try it in N8.

I opened Nuendo 8 and imported the audio I had just extracted from the 1st video file. It played just fine. So I extracted/imported the 2nd audio file and it played just fine. When I tried to extract/import the 3rd file it wouldn’t import. All of the audio was coming from MP4 files. So what was different from the 1st one I’d extracted/imported? Again, being pressed for time, I closed out of N8 and went to N4.

I opened Nuendo 4 and imported the audio files I’d made with N7 & N8. They played fine. From there on I was able to easily import the other audio from video files for the remaining 10 video clips. Note that I made no changes to any of my settings in either iteration! So, the obvious question is, why didn’t the files play in N7 and why did they stop importing altogether in N8? :question: :question: :question:

I just opened the N4 file from yesterday. It opened in N8 and every track played just fine. I closed it and opened N7. Then, I opened the N4 collection from yesterday. Every single one of those tracks is playing just fine IN N7! Yesterday, I couldn’t even get meter activity on a single track. Today, everything works as expected. Any ideas on the cause of this one?

Was it new moon yesterday? :wink: Sometimes I believe in such strange stuff…

:laughing: :smiley:

I’m GUESSING that some times it’s as simple as a reboot issue. But I never understand what crept in to throw everything off in the 1st place. :confused:

Please don’t use mp4 videos. This is the worse of the worse.
If you can’t get one from the video editors, convert it yourself to a format that can be used in a DAW.
I am talking about ANY DAW, not just Nuendo.

Avid DnDx, Apple ProRes and Photo Jpeg are the only codecs that guarantee frame-to-frame accuracy.
Again, that applies not only to Nuendo, it applies to any DAW.


Nuendo 4 used the old Quicktime video engine. Quicktime has better support for MP4, specially stuff that wasn’t professionally produced.