3 percentages in system fullness indicator?

I’m curious, what do the two smaller percentages mean in the system fullness indicators? I tried to find it in the documentation, but couldn’t find it.

Edit: I used the word ‘frame’ when I meant ‘system’, as @Lillie_Harris rightly pointed out.

They are not percentages. They are the two numbers that make the percentage.

The percentage indicated is calculated by dividing the number of spaces occupied in the system by the total number of available spaces in the system.

The first is the number of spaces that the bars in that system would normally occupy, if it weren’t stretched to fit across the page. The second number is the width of the music area in spaces.

Let’s say we have four bars, and using the current Note Spacing values, and other spacing gaps between items, those fours take up 140 spaces. And the music frame is 150 spaces wide. We can only get another bar in, if it’s under 10 spaces. If not, then our system is 140/150 = 93.33% full.


Ah, of course! It’s the percentage calculation. Thanks!

For completeness:


Thanks, Lillie, I changed it.