3 pieces from me


unfortunately long time of producing learning new technics but never finished anything here are now 3 pieces from me :wink:

Any critics or ideas welcome

Greetz Gandhi


The first was well-recorded but pretty repetitive and tedious for me. The second one, however, was quite affecting
and fun and creative :sunglasses:

i agree enjoyed 2nd piece. I don’t know enough about this style of music and production, would u care 2 share plugins and how you use, would like to learn more!

Hi thanks for response

So if i get it right the Greetz to Angelsinner is not yet mixed rights but gets most points for fun and creativity :wink:

And sorry for repetitive and tedious time you wasted with the first song think it was the fridaynight joke was my first selfmade piece 2 years ago with mastering help from a friend.

And as i see the 3rd one Hansnowubstep seems to get no points :wink: cause not worth a feedback :smiley:

Greetz Bassbase


I like your style, the songs really aren’t bad. The mix of Fridaynightjoke sounds a bit dull to me. I can live with repetitive music in this genre, but it seems to lack some sparkle.
As mentioned by others, greetstoangelsinners is quite nice, mix is also better in my opinion.

You have a nice driving bassline in wubstep, but you replace it with what sounds to me like a basic dance bassline that really needs some strings or synth stabs to go with it in my opinion. You bring in a little arp at the end, but it could be so much more!


So now working on greetz to angelsinner :wink: made basslineexpiremnts and tryed to improve.

Criticss ideas always welcome.

Greetz Bassbase

Nice :slight_smile:
The different parts don’t always blend into eachother very well, but you’ve got some nice ideas going.


Thx for listening indeed the arrangment ins’t finished so i will work on :wink:

Greetz Bassbase