3 Point Editing, 4 Point Editing, Source Destination Editing

Is there anyway people have set up 3 point editing, 4 point editing, source destination editing in Cubase or Nuendo?

Sequoia, Pyramix, Sonic Solutions and many video editing programs work this way. It is great for compiling take after take that are back to back with markers when working with a producer and artist.

I could make a messy macro with markers I am sure but maybe there is already a simpler way to do this? Two project windows with different zoom levels like Pyramix would be dreamy!



Related thread lamenting no real Mac solutions for Source Destination editors and their benefit back in 2005.

I recently started working in Pyramix and absolutely love this and their fade editor with ripple edits such a major time saver with those to features.

It seems like Steinberg has been close for years with Divide Track List feature. Now we just need a few options to set independent zoom levels and work between the two.

Hi skillet,

don´t think so…
for radio edits I use the “Selection Tool” (press ALT & drag/drop the selection to a new track)
…finally switch to “Shuffle Mode” (e.g.)
(Shuffle Mode will always cause the audio/midi event you are moving to become butted up against another event, or the beginning of the track)

additional Macro: “P” +" set Cycle Marker" (?)
ok, not exact the same ( I know) but maybe a “downgraded” solution?

Thanks, what is aggravating is even with the drag and drop method you can’t just use shuffle mode and like Pro Tools shuffle and drag it down. You have to option drag, when edits are all over the place which they are for us you would have to constantly switch tools.

For example you will have an edit from the producer that is at 1 hour and then another one that is from another take at 50 minutes but that goes later in time on the edited 8 tracks (7.1 micing). If you just selection tool drag down you then have to select the regions with the object selection tool in shuffle and drag over and then switch back to select tool.

In the meantime my current workflow is

  1. Put the edit tracks in a folder and edit group them and put the marker track right above that (outside the folder track).

  2. Then use the selection tool and highlight in and out points with E and D (Left and Right selection side to cursor respectively).

  3. Macro - Set Locators, Split Selection, Insert Cycle Marker

Here’s the extra step part,

  1. I then go back to the cycle locators (which could be in any order) and option drag them with the object selection in shuffle mode to a matching edit folder with matching empty tracks.

It seems like there is a smoother way somehow but I can’t think of it.


I work with Pyramix and Sequoia when it comes to classical recorings and edits (depending on DSD or not) and i would love to see this feature in Cubase. I hate switching in Programs because it messes up my memorys of shortcuts :laughing: . However, if it should implemented in a Steinberg product in the future, i think it would be end up in Nuendo… :sunglasses:

Nuendo is fine with me too, I use both. I just think that it is funny that a few years ago they tried to get all their heavyweight users to advertise using Cubase for Pro Audio when there are so many Pro Audio things in Nuendo that aren’t just for post.

Nuendo HD (current Nuendo) and Nuendo LE (current Cubase) make a lot more sense for names and leave the name Cubase for all the other stripped down versions of Cubase.

Steinberg has already taken us so far with the division track if they could make a button to seporate the zoom level for the track devide then I could work in shuffle mode and just drag the edit clips up to the main track without all this craziness of zooming in and out constantly.

I would love a macro to take the current selection and move to the destination track. If Steinberg could take a look at Pyramix or Media Composer and check out this workflow it would be so helpful and such a time saver!

Any updates on this Steinberg? Hopefully, this is something that can be added to your powerful editing arsenal.

Please Steinberg, please!!