3 Questions about Cubase 11 Pro

Hello :slight_smile:

  1. Is there possible way to ‘disable’ Group channel? yes, disabling inserts could do the job but, just checking :slight_smile:

  2. If, GUI of VSTis go blank, is it on VST side to make update…?
    I have Prophet 08 editor VST from a foreign developer and on Cubase 10 pro it is fine, but on 11, it goes black (The GUI side, upper preset section appears… but it stays black…)

  3. Could you please list me all, combination key commands for shortcut such as, if I stay ‘alt’ pressed and click power button of insert, it can be disabled :slight_smile: I need to know all keys for quicker workflow. Like can you empty it in quicker way?

Thanks in advance.

  1. no, that makes no sense
  2. could be a graphic hardware related problem
  3. in the online manual is a list with default key commands
    and you can assign your own
  1. Don’t think so
  2. Try toggling the HiDPI setting in Cubase Preferences, if that doesn’t work try updating your graphic driver.
  3. Don’t know a way to clear all key commands. This thread has some info on how to display all your set key commands
    Key Commands Overview as HTML Page
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@SF_Green I doubt that he has set any key commands since he is asking for basics…

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There are all the default key commands he can take a look at.

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I am extremely sorry, but just to re-clarify, I was not referring to key commands, but actually some key combination like this one that I have learnt a week ago :slight_smile:

e.g. If I press ‘alt’ and click on power icon thing button on ‘insert’ 3rd party plugin, it just does not bypass ‘but’ disables the plugin which saves me a lot of cpu usage :slight_smile: so…
I was wondering if there is any key combo(?) for… like… opening 3rd party insert? for me what frustrates me is, even I click on blue part of the insert plugin ‘block’ sometimes it does not get opened?? so… I thought… ‘hey… maybe I am clicking the wrong part or there must be a smarter /better way…’. So yeah… this is my re-clarification :slight_smile:

I am not sure, but I am on a mac, and opening and closing inserts on a track channel sometimes slow me down just a bit, and sometimes it needs more than a click…

Oh thanks! I will check HiDPI setting on Cubase itself! but at the moment, for me, ‘Prophet 08’ codeKnobs’ preset editor 3rd party VSTi goes blank and also ‘Camelcrusher’ goes blank.

Ah… no way to disabling Group channel. No worries. No big deal :slight_smile:

Thanks! I… found the alternative way by using,

Shift + Option + E icon.
Shift + Command + E icon.

To open / close inserts :slight_smile: thanks!

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Good to know. I learned something useful, too. Thanks!

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