3 questions for rest division and dot notes

Hello! (Sorry, sorry, Sorry for my english!!!)

I have three important question, (please see attachment file for expletation).

  1. How can I view single dot rests in a 12/8 time signature?

  2. How can I wiew Two 1/quarter dot notes withouth valute binding (in a 4/4 time signature)?

  3. I have a long score of a musicall. I have create One flow for every single Song.
    In configuration mode I select for flow 2 a different layout configuration, and it’s OK! But…
    In flow2 (for example) I wont change the layout proprieties only in a part of It (from bar 5 to bar 12). Is It possibile?
    Because in some moments (and only in some moments) of score is necessary change some of layout options.

Thank You very much!!


  1. and 2) before you input the rests (or note values) press the key ‘O’. This will force the duration of what you put in.
    You may read about this here: https://steinberg.help/dorico/v1/en/dorico/topics/write_mode/write_mode_duration_forcing_t.html?hl=duration

  2. you can in Engrave Mode put in a System Break at bar 5 and then either in the properties change the staff size from that bar on (you will have to select the System Break blue flag first) or you can at that point change the Note Spacing (via the Write Menu).

Thank You very much k_b!!

you are welcome

Caro Italyuser,
You might want to use force duration while inputting your music — thus overriding notation options… Press o and reinput the music as you wish it appears.
That’s not Dorico’s way but it does work.
Otherwise, try and play with the numerous options found in Notation options > note grouping.
You might find that inputting your time signature as [3+3+3+3]/8 instead of 12/8 might give you better results automatically.
Dorico is a very complete program (so quite complex) very logical and built for musicians. Take the time to learn it, watch those wonderful videos in the YouTube Dorico channel and keep asking for advice to the community!
Hope this helps!
[Edit] k_b has been faster, but still some bits of my advice could be useful :wink:

Thank You very much MarcLarcher…

All intervents are very important for me.
I have see every video in dorico Channel and I have read the manual.
Unfortunately when I need a particulary option I don’t Remember where I have read or seen a solution… So, after searching for a “infinite time”, I Write in the forum.

Dorico is very a big software, with most options, and I’m only one little “italian user” :wink:

Thank You very much for your preparation and patient!!!

…the k_b solution is very easy and immediatly!!!