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  1. Is there any possibility to put independent repeating marks for different voices ? They should be displayed at the same time. f.e.: String Quartett


Vio 1 bar 1-8
Vio 2 bar 5-12
Va bar 9-16.

The y should be displayed in the partitur layout.

Is there any chance to force an XML into the already created instrument settings or at least afterwards pasting the existing instruments to the imported once to get the settings for the imported ones?

  1. Why is there always a 1. part (that I have to delete) created when I ma importing XML files?
    So that the imported instruments always appear as a 2. Part?

Thank you.

  1. You have to use independent time signatures in order to have access to independent barlines. In order to input independent time signatures, you need to invoke the Shift-M popover from the caret, on the correct stave, and you need to confirm it with Alt/Opt-Enter. You then do exactly the same thing with the Shift-B popover.

  2. Not really, unless you’re prepared to edit the MusicXML tags (in a text editor) to ensure that the instrument definitions match exactly what Dorico is expecting.

  3. MusicXML always imports as a new flow. If you have a project set up as a template for importing MusicXML into, you can delete the default flow and then save the project. Next time you import MusicXML into that project, there will be no default flow to delete.

You can also do File > Open instead of File > Import, which will open the MusicXML file as a new project, instead of importing MusicXML data into an existing project. Then you will have only one flow, the flow resulting from the MusicXML file.

For your repeat question, you might be better off using bar repeat notation rather than actual repeats.

The problem with opening directly (unless this has changed in 3.1/3.1.10) is that opening directly ignores the settings in Preferences > MusicXML Import.

Nope, that’s not the case (and nor has it ever been). Those options are always applied.

Daniel, at some point this must not have been the case, or this thread would not have happened.

If that was ever the case, it was simply a bug, long since fixed. It has always been the case that the settings in Preferences take effect when you import MusicXML via FIle > Open or via File > Import.

Thanks for the clarification.