3 questions

Dear Cubase users,

i have a couple of questions that i hope someone can help me with

  1. In logic audio, there is a very convinient way to “save selection as” in the wave editor. This way you can highlight a bit of audio and quickly export it as its own file (like you can in wavelab. Is there a way to do this in cubase?

  2. recently, when i am dragging or resizing a midi note in the midi editor window, cubase will copy the note and put a new note in the position i am dragging or resizing too. This didn’t used to happen, and i am not holding down any button at the time?

  3. Is there a simple way to fix the arrangement window so it will stay in one position rather than resizing, as it seems to do very often?


1: Maybe bounce audio is what you need?

2: ???

3: maybe follow song is on?

  1. Bounce Audio
  2. ?
  3. try dragging the window to the required size rather than maximising. That should prevent it resizing when you open another window

1.[smartass mode] “bounce selection” [/smartass mode] (…just in case) :blush:

The technical term is indeed “bounce selection” :laughing:

hey guys

thanks for the replies

i do know about the bounce in place function. I just find the “save selection as” audio function in logic (you have it in wavelab too) very useful for chopping up audio into sections and saving them, i was wondering if cubase had this function as it is more convienient than bouncing. perhaps i can use wavelab for this

The default key combination for this type of editing is Alt+LMB and dragging the events. Perhaps your settings got changed somehow. To verify this, go to File > Preferences > Editing > Tool Modifiers > Drag & Drop and see what the modifier keys are next to “Copy.”