3 Quick questions about the new Wavelab 8

These questions are referred only to the main waveform editor.


  1. No change :frowning:
  2. No change. The horizontal scroll bar reflect the “working area”, which is 60 sec by default when there is a small sample.
  3. Yes, as in 7, what is the problem?

Currently It’s not possible to play a sound at different sample rate when using ASIO.

Please, Wavelab should be able to undo changes after saving a sound. Call you tell if it will be included in a further update? (not upgrade).

If you dont want to change the asio sample rate, you have to add the resampler plugin in the master section.

For the undo stuff, it’s something i havent forgotten, it will come, but i dont know when.

Thanks for the tip about the resampler, it works perfectly. Had I known before…!