3 recording levels which one is right?

When I record locally I set the gain nob on the interface and make sure it does not clip, doesn’t it work the same with vst connect, meaning that it’s
my performer who makes sure the level of the signal is at optimum level ( no clipping)

For me there seems to be three different displays of the levels which I come in contact with and I don’t know how to interpet them.

  1. There is a nob in vst connect in the channel strip of the recorder, and turning this raises the meter here, should I use this despite my performer already setting the level on his interface? can this meter show clipping? how do I know what the optimal setting is?

  2. When I record the events that show up shows the wave curve which shows that the signal is on a certain level, however this does not match nr 3

  3. after I have downloaded the HD files the wave curve in the events does not seem to match the same volume level that the wave curve had in the events previously right after when I just recorded and it wasn’t HD files

Can anyway explain what I should make out of this

  1. the “RECORD” controls set the levels of the performer components of the stereo stream from performer to Studio. This is both what Studio hears and is recorded in realtime. With the PRO version, Performer signals are additionally beeing recorded on the Performer Computer, those are directly from the input and not influenced by the VST Connect plugin “RECORD” section. There are no clipping indicators, as you pointed out, only the Performer can control the input gains of his audio interface.
  2. I don’t quite understand. To repeat, the stereo signal you record is a mix that you control with the “RECORD” items. Except for the record enable button, none of these controls have any influence on audio recorded on the Performer end when using the PRO version. These are recorded directly from the audio interface inputs.
  3. This is probably what you mean by detecting a mismatch between realtime stereo stream recording and local Performer recordings. Unless you record just one channel (or hard left/right), depending on what you do with the “RECORD” controls, they may well be different.

Maybe this answers what I was really asking for when I asked in another post if I can control what I hear from my performer. Because like I wrote then
I really don’t want to hear the clean signal during our session.

So if I understand you correctly I can setup 3 channels for him, link his talkback microphone to one, so I can hear him talk
link the processed guitar to one, and link the guitar also to a third but leave that unprossessed.
then on the RECORD controls I will raise the gain know on both the talkback and the prossessed guitar so that these will be sent to the stereo mix
that you talk about, however on the 3rd channel which has the unprossessed guitar signal I can put that gain know to zero and thus not getting any of that in the stereo mix. However I will record enable the two guitar tracks and thus these two tracks will be recorded on the performer’s computer and the level on these channels will be set by his interface and output of his plugin, NOT the level I have set on the RECORD section on vst connect. Is that true?

Yes, that should work, provided the PRO version.
Sort of off topic, I must correct “Performer signals are additionally beeing recorded on the Performer Computer, those are directly from the input and not influenced by the VST Connect plugin “RECORD” section.” The fx button does however burn inserts into the HD files, so you could have a dry and another wet channel from the same input for reamping. Just wanted to clarify.