3 Requests for 11.5

Bulk Freeze/Unfreeze
Being able to select multiple tracks and freeze or unfreeze them at the same time… doing one by one takes FOREEEEVER. It almost makes the freeze feature pointless.

Automation Track Versions
Either have automation track versions which are independent from the main track version feature, or it could be tied directly to it, where each new track version has their own set of data for the automation.

Force Plugin To Stay Open Checkbox
This one is probably more specific to my own workflow, but I often use the “close all plugin windows” command, but when I do that, I’d like to keep some of them open. Typically, I like to keep my meters/graphs open all the time. I’ve been using IL Wavecandy because it’s the only plugin that has like a window that stays open no matter what. It’s a shame because I’d love to start using Cubase’s new graphs/visuals, but I don’t wanna keep accidentally closing them and having to open them up again.

‘Automation Track Versions’ +1

‘Bulk Freeze/Unfreeze’ +1

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I so much agree. I often max out on my UAD Card Be great if I could freeze a bunch of tracks and go take a break and come back. Doing it in the background would be good too.

yes, exactly