3 tracks of external instruments> help~

I have 8 synths into external instruments.
I need 3 midi channels on one synth.

I make a track, external instrument. midi manager is fine, loads and plays.
Track 2 im doing a huge head scratch.

I had to just make a midi track.
But then I lost Arm/record. But it works.

Do I have to get crazy and build panels in midi device manager, when I linked in midi device manager do I need 16 identical channels or individual?

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cubase 9.5 for sell make offer

Do you guys like the new ozzy better then the old ozzy?

does sequoia have a better hardware midi routing then cubase 9.5?

the support kind of reminds me of the state government.
High fees, no one answers.

However I was advised that external hardware as an external instrument is Nerfed.
Its the only reason I purchased cubase pro 9 over cubase elements was so I

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If you start off like this no one is ever going to help you! This is a forum, not a support desk with paid employees that have to respond within your personal deadlines. I never did like Ozzy Osborn, not in any period!

actually no one helped, I got a call from steinberg and they had no idea how to use external instruments in multi timbre mode and said use midi and audio.
Most all audio forums for support rely on gearslutz cubase support forum and so do I.

I purchased cubase pro 9.5 ONLY for this feature, its not in the cubase elements.

WEEKS went by before I posted the ozzy, “Joke”

I am just going crazy trying to setup and route external instruments in 9.5 and it’s confusing the s***t out of me(are we aloud to curse here because that’s what I feel like doing) does everyone at Steinberg not use hardware, because I called there too and told me, most people don’t
?? Well ok, I guess I’m a dinosaur at the young/old age of 40. I have alot of hardware, and I want to use it, but there are things that I’m just not understanding.
I’m using a pc and my Presonus AR16 mixer as an interface along with my motu midi PATCHBAY, and a nektar p4 controller and quite a few full synths THAT I don’t want to use with a controller, or it would defeat the entire purpose of working with classic synths, with all of the knobs, bells and whistles, already on them. I had to repeat that close to five times when I called Steinberg. They told me “most people dont do it that way , they control full synths with a controller” unbelievable and I also have modules with no usb connections, only midi and I am having a really tough time getting everything right.
I can deal with the hardware that have USB connections, I create an audio track and choose not connected in the inspector and it works, but with no midi and I’m sure there is a better way than that. But as far as the ones with no USB, I’m screwing up really bad…
If anyone can be kind enough to give me some pointers, doo’s and don’ts it would be of great help, because I’m really starting to think it’s me, and I feel like I’m SLOW , LOL. Thanks and I’m looking forward to everyone’s comments.