3 tracks with different midi channels

I exported a project having only 3 tracks with different VST instruments each with a different midi channels (4, 6 & 13) from Cubase 11 then imported to VST Live.

I got the 3 tracks with their instruments but upon playing my keyboard using only midi channel 4, I get all 3 tracks playing at the same time even though the other 2 tracks are using channels 6 & 13.

Am I missing something or this couldn’t be done? It works perfectly well in Cubase 11.

Thanks for any help.

HI @InitialGain,

the Input-Channels for your Instrument-Tracks of your Cubase Projekt are not transferred to VST Live. That’s a bug. In VST Live the imported Tracks have the default Channel “Any”. That must be the cause of your problems. Check the Inspector of the imported Tracks and configure the Channel setting to 4, 6 and 13.

Better now? Meanwhile we’ll check why the channels are not transferred.

See you,

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Hi Michael,

Many thanks for your prompt reply I appreciate

I have already done that and set the ‘Any’ midi channel setting to 4, 6 and 13 for each track but still all instruments play when I play the keyboard that is transmitting on channel 4 only.

If its a bug then I’m afraid I cannot use VST Live.

Thank you very much for your time…

Regards …

If you set a MIDI track output (!) channel to 4, for instance, it will transmit on channel 4 no matter what.

If you input directly to the track (as opposed to using Layers), the input channel of events from your keyboard is beeing ignored. So if you set your keyboard as input for all those channels, and they are set to track monitor (yellow speaker icon), they will certainly play all at once on their resp. output (!) channels (4, 6, and 13 in your case).
That is by design, there is no input channel filter in a MIDI track. For that, use Layers (which can also have tracks), that’s what they are meant for.
If a MIDI track output is set to “Any”, however, it will transmit with the channel from the input (your keyboard), so in this case if your keyboard sends on channel 4, tracks set to “Any” will just pass that along, keeping it at channel 4.

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Hello musicullum,

Thank you very much for your help I think you hit the nail on the head well done.

So far I didn’t understand your first part as to set the outputs. I only set the different channels at the inputs on each track. Like you said I was activating all 3 monitor buttons that light yellow and obtaining all 3 instruments playing at the same time.

I am new to VST Live and knew nothing about tracks, layers etc…

But with your help I made some progress as I managed to rebuild the tracks in 3 layers instead, obtaining the right results. When I switch channels on the keyboard the right instrument now plays.

However this is not an automatic process and have to build my ready made projects from the start this way.

Yes, when I used tracks the midi filtering wasn’t done just like you said. Don’t know if it is possible to set the outputs like you mentioned in your first part. I will try to understand this more later as I’m still learning.

If I understood you correctly, I could create 3 tracks in one layer? Not sure, will try

Thank you, much obliged.

You cannot set MIDI Track Input channel, only output.
When output is set to “Any”, it will output MIDI messages with the channel they receive on the input (practically, a “through” function).
It looks like you consider the track channel to be for input, it is only for output.

Layer tracks send through a Layer:

  • (Track Input (Monitor)->Track->Layer->MIDI Out of Layer.

So, multiple tracks can send to the same Layer, but not vice versa.
However, you can use a virtual MIDI “cable” to acheive that:

  • Layer 1 → Virtual MIDI Out 1 → MIDI Track (Input Virtual MIDI In 1)
  • Layer 2 → Virtual MIDI Out 1 → MIDI Track (Input Virtual MIDI In 1)
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