3 UR824 together, should have 6 headphones ouputs?

Hello everyone!

I have 3 UR824 chained together, so I have a total of 24 inputs working great and can record at the same time.
However, each UR824 has 2 headphones outputs, but the 2 headphones output of UR824 setup as internal work and the other ouputs from UR824 (A) and UR824 (B) don’t work. Am I missing something? Is it possible to have all 6 headphones outputs working at the same time?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in Advance

Naw man. Only the Master UR824 has usb connection, therefore the only one that will playback via headphones. Assuming the other two are ADAT slaves.

If all three are used as aggregate devices on a MAC, then I have no clue…

Thanks for the reply jimmys69,

I received a response from custumer support as well saying that is not possible because the 2 units are connected via adat and they only function as a d converter. Too bad that all the options that the UR824 has it gets lost when you use it to chain with another unit… Ohhh well… Maybe one day, but no today hahahaha

I guess I need to shop for a 6 channel headphone amplifier that I can use to record multiple players at the same time. Any suggetions?

Thanks again

Yep. Been through a few to find the one I like.

The Behringer HA4700. Sounded grainy/noisey but loud (but also cheap). $129 New. $50 used.

The Samson S-Phone was a bit more in price and sounded quite a bit better, but only 4 channels. $169.

I love the Presonus HP60. Night and day the quality of the headphone sound quality. A bit more pricey though. $300 New, but can find for $200 used.

Best to ya! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, I will check it out!

how did you connect the 3 ur 824… i have two i connected 1 in on 1 out … and 1 out on 1 in in the a/ adat…than i went to the mixer and told it its not internal but a/adat … it looks like i do not have signal in my pc…there is sound but my meters say there is no signal

From memory (I hope this is correct): You have to connect the ‘slave’ units via USB one at a time without the master one connected. In the dspMixFX UR824 you setup each unit as what it is. Slave A for one, and Slave B for the other. Then plug in the master UR824 and assign the other units. Actually not sure you even need to do that part…

Oh, and make sure to set the master UR824 to internal clock (WCLK). Set the slaves WCLK to ADAT A. I hope this is correct. There are specific setup instructions somewhere. If I find them I will post the link here.