3 Wav Editor Problems


Thanks for reading this.

I am having three problems with Cubase 6. I am using a Prosonus Firestudio Project with a single, stereo output on a PC running Win7:

  1. I cannot find how to do a crossfade between two parts. When I zoom in to the audio parts on the arrange page, I would like to select a tiny section of each .wav file and then crossfade it, but, I cannot select both .wav files. It will only allow me to select the edge of one at a time. When I merge them using the glue tool, the .wav editor still only allows me to edit one of them.

How should I crossfade both the start and end of a punch-in to the .wav files before and after it? Am I going about it wrong?

  1. Once I double-click a .wav to open the .wav editor, scrub doesn’t play anything. There’s no sound. Audio seems to be fine (as well as my click track).

  2. Also, sometimes when I open the Wav Editor, it does not display the measures like the arrange page does. In other words, if a song is playing, and I double-click a part, the arrange page might be at measure 10, but the Wav editor gives me an entirely different number sometimes. Is there a way to force it show the exact same at all times? This is important in order to be able to zoom in to tiny details for crossfading and see the exact measure where I need to connect .wavs.

Thank you very much.

  1. You need to overlap both parts, shift-click on each to select both and hit x.

  2. You need to use Control Room to monitor certain things nowadays.

  3. There’s a thread on the first few pages with a workaround that might work for you. Can’t remember the title.

Thank you MashedMitten.

I will look for information on the Control Room.

You need to overlap both parts, shift-click on each to select both and hit x.

Does this mean that the method I am used to with Logic and an earlier verison of Cubase is no longer necessary? In other words, that Cubase now automatically handles the fine details of crossfading when you hit “X”?

Thanks again.

x will apply a crossfade the amount of overlap. You can always open the fade editor and do it there, if desired.

Wow! That IS a good feature. It just means (I assume) that you need to really zoom in and overlap a tiny section, but ideally so the wav forms meet, right?

Thanks again for all of your help. I really appreciate it.

Making edits at Zero Crossings, whenever possible, is the best practice.

Re: the x-fades, start a new project and import an audio file to chop up and expirement to see what works best for you. Time well invested.

OK, “Crossfades at Zero Crossings”. Thanks for the proper terminology.

Any idea as to what the culprit is regarding the different number references between the arrange page and Wav Editor I referred to?

Say I loop a section in the project from 10 - 18. The line thing that shows what’s playing scans between 10 and 18 and repeats. But sometimes when I double-click a wav file to open the wav editor, the editor will show numbers other than 10 - 18. This usually happens later in songs, perhaps with reused parts. I’m guessing it’s showing some other info, not the measures, or maybe something that has to do with the .wav file and not the project. Is there a way to make it show the measures?

Again, thank you very much.