3 years issue, and no answer from anyone! is there really a support @ steinberg?

I’m using cubase for decades, this is a shame, regarding how much I spent for updates during this time, having no return for weeks, even months from support maes me feel sick of it.
I’ve got an very anoying issue that makes impossible to use chord track when using roland cloud vsts. it was crashing cubase 9 9.5 10 10.5 and now 11. I first did a support request 2 years ago and had to wait 6 weeks to get an answer that was “please update elicenser” ( could be joke, right?)
I updated 3 weeks ago from 10.5 to 11. And this mess is still crashing. so I did a new request and after 3 weeks waiting, still no return. i can say, cubase is an excellent daw, but this is an absolute shame.

look at the video (link), and tell me how to deal with this mess?? http://www.easymedias.com/cubissue/cubase%20issue.avi

Amen brother. Never have received a reply for any support emails I have sent in fives years. Just finished typing a similar post about the possibility that has dawned on me that they are introducing planned obsolescence. Sorry we are going through this. Wish I had anything to offer other that my horrible theory, that well be right.