30 days - an original video production for a school project

With a bit of Cubase as well :wink:

Check it out. http://yousifabdullah.com/

Thank to forum member el-russo for help with the audio track, it’s much appreciated. If somebody wants the track, let me know and I shall send it as an MP3 (or FLAC). Now the video itself is about society and change, a small collage of some sort to put some bits of my daily life in Finland on display.

Let’s talk audio. The pianos are 4Front TruePianos, the main synth “blip” lead is a Synplant instance and the rest is plain old HalionOne (including the flute sound). Drums are samples put together and EQ’d to the max. I had just 30 days for the whole project (hence the name), so I divided my time into separate weeks: 1 week planning, 1 week capturing raw material, 1 week creating and editing and 1 week for post-production and launch. So all in all, the audio track was made in roughly a week, but I’m quite happy with the result. :slight_smile:

Any comments or criticism? (Also, do you mind if I mention some of your replies in my essay? My teacher asks me to explain my workflow bit by bit and also show if my work had any impact.)


Sounds great, not bad for a 1 week job :slight_smile: