.30 Tremolo and Trill Playback (non-Halion Sounds)

So I’m using Spitfire Strings hosted through VE Pro, and noticed that in a section with unmeasured trill whole notes it makes my system stutter. Seems this is because unmeasured trills are playing back by creating very fast repeated midi events, creating thousands of “voices” on a normal longs patch, not single long notes sent to a tremolo patch.

How can I change this behavior to the latter?

Also, I see that through halion, whole and half step trills can be set up through expression maps, but there doesn’t seem to be “pt.trill.whole” and “pt.trill.half” in the selection of articulation triggers. How so we put them in our created expression maps?

Are you routing the technique Tremolo to the sampled spitfire tremolo patch in your Expression map? (Trills don’t seem to play back)

Trills do not currently play back. Are you talking about tremolos?

Odd, I thought I had that set up - but somehow I didn’t, so it was resorting to faking the tremolo and generating about 3000 voices in Kontakt, occasionally causing a crash.

Incidentally, I tried duplicating the HSO Flute set up, that included the pt.trill.whole… and routed it instead to the proper spitfire patch, but it didn’t trigger the articulation change. Was hopeful for a workaround, but oh well.