30 years without Bob Marley

I wonder what he’d be doing now. Did anyone succeed him as King of Reggae or has the genre become a republic?

I saw a stack of Bob Marley T shirts in a Kohl’s dept store today. I bet he’d hate that.
Udderwise - he’d be jammin, and everytin be eiry mon!

He’ll always be missed here… :frowning:

Great musician. He had some weird beliefs: Halie Selassie was Jesus Christ returned… and the Pope should be put to death… anyway, “Rastafaria Forever!”

Aloha guys,

One of a kind.

Is it 30 years already?.. :open_mouth:

Time flies…

WHHHHOOOOOAAAA there!! Let’s move swiftly on…

Someone once asked him how he liked his doughnuts. He said, “Wi’ jam in.”

Collective GROAN :laughing:

You prefer icing?

Ya man! :mrgreen:

I met him once during an early tour in the US. Bunch of folks wound up back at his hotel. We walked into his room and someone had laid out 5 or 6 mags with Bob on the cover yet he was completely unpretentious. He rolled the biggest doob I’d ever seen.