30th Anniversary, anything for loyal customers?

would be kind to let all registered user to celebrate not only for upgrading to full cubase !!
or at least give us free dinner at Hooters :wink:

I mean if 100 people feel relevance and ten don’t???

They don’t have to give anything - yes that is right, they want people to upgrade and spend money, i get it- business is business. . sometimes to keep business going long term and make more revenue you just have to give a little or even acknowledge in some shape or form. just common courtesy no??

personally don’t think this is irrelevant - we can ask? no? we can surely make our feelings known even if it gets ignored. the more people share their opinions on this - must be a positive move? all I am saying is -please don’t rub it in my face …das all

I hadn’t really given this much thought until now.

Now, I’ve decided to give it no more thought.

Whatever I might save on some special promotion will surely be lost within the cost of booze and cigarettes (among other things) … :laughing:

But, but … what about ME! I deserve something, too! :unamused:

Get over it, people. When you paid for your software, you must have thought the price was fair at that time? If I remember correctly, Steinberg was offering refunds for those who felt completely screwed over by their Cubase 7 purchase.

Every time a company offers a promotion, someone is going to feel like he just took a high, hard one. It’s happened multiple times with me and IK Multimedia, for example. It’s just the way things work. I guess you would have been happy if they offered nothing to nobody?

I’m not a “fanboy”. Just stating the obvious facts for the overly-sensitive types …

At least Santa has a retention strategy :laughing:


Don’t have a car, but do have Cubase AND paid for it, AND I thought it rather insensitive, but unfortunately typical of companies these days, that SB is more giving to those who resist supporting them than those who do.

It is part of the thinking that customers are taken for granted unless they start not being so ‘loyal’.

It is not a sense of unearned entitlement here, but an expectation of respect for a long-term mutually-beneficial relationship!

hear hear!!

Respect!!das all we want, it has been a milestone. its still just business in the long run, they will have something to gain most likely, unlike parents of a spoilt brat.
Dont how this became an entitlement.

If you announce an anniversary offer…it should at least be an offer :confused: :confused: :confused:

For your 30th birthday party, are you only inviting people you don’t know? Happy birthday :laughing:

Well, it is an offer to me. I’m on 6.5 baby!

The bottom line is, they don’t have to offer anyone squat. If you can’t comprehend that, in the immortal words of Will Ferrell, "its your own damn vault "

…and Woodcrest also doesn’t understand the main problem here.

The problem is that the BEST customers of Steinberg get NOTHING, while customers who are not as good, get a good offer.

Thats like Steinberg saying: “we got your money, now we are not interested in you anymore”. While at the same time handing out goodies to those who have nothing.

If there was no offer at all, there would not be any discussion.

hahahahahahahahahah genius :smiley:

right! this is the message I’ve got… and I’m not the only one here…
who is the marketing genius in steimberg now?

I bet whoever had this idea likes to drink Cafe Latte and has no idea about neither music nor software.

We should not let companies (and capitalist ideology in general) walk over us, but rather stand up and call a foul a foul, whenever it happens. This is not about “entitlement” (which is a nonexistant, wrong concept anyway - but I can see how this word is used to vilify proper arguments), it’s about fairness and proper treatment of customers.

Its really sad seeing how so many people have internalized the capitalist “you’re not entitled” brainwashing that they don’t even question insulting acts from companies anymore.

Neither has any grasp, what so ever, about the differences of good and bad business practices. And has, most likely, never heard the words “customer relations” and “customer satisfaction”. One must wonder what this person’s qualifications, if any, are? :wink:

Well, “qualifications” and “marketing”… :smiley:

'Marketing’s budget is probably a lot bigger than 'post sales’s!

Which is the root cause of many, many problems, yes.

There should be a punishment tax on marketing activities, but sadly I’m not a politician.

Which is a product of the whole non-holistic budget-by-division thinking that cannot fully determine opportunity costs.

Yes - and companies don’t realize we are only annoyed (and have to actively take self defense measures, like spam blockers or AdBlock Plus!) against their carnival barkers.

Do you remember this guy who did the Cubase 7 marketing video? The one who was like “omg, the new mixer… SO USEFUL!!”?

I was really angry after I saw this video for the first time because I resent people talking like this in real life so much, I actually take care not to have this kind of talking anywhere near me. And then Steinberg throws it at me when I want to inform myself about a new version of their product.

Well, I’m not insulted. And the reality for me is, I could care less. In my opinion, there are far more important things to be vocal about then an offer by a software company which the software itself is a luxury to own.

Do you really think Steinberg is walking all over you?

I realize that my attitude on this topic may not be ideal for what you guys believe in, but you should really curb your assumptions of how they run their business and what you think they mean by how they conduct business. You really dont know.

Your feelings are completely valid when you speak of yourself. Speaking on behalf of steinberg the way you guys are doing it in this thread puts a fork in my eye, probably their’s too… I can only imagine what the Steinberg representatives that may be reading this thread think. I doubt, do to the regard you guys are expressing to them,will bring anything your way.

To me, the conduct here is immature. That is my opinion and I don’t think you guys are bad dudes. I actually enjoy reading your posts and listening to your work.