30th Anniversary, anything for loyal customers?


I have received and spent $200.00 in coupons and discounts from Universal Audio
since 2014. That $200.00 was split up into 5 different coupons.
In using those coupons I’ve spent $674.00 since 2014 with Universal Audio.

Steinberg acts like they have no confidence in their products.
A little discount/coupon here and there will not depreciate a quality product.
It would build customer loyalty and goodwill…and generate sales.

30 years of business and I’ve been using Steinberg products for over 20 of those years.
I can’t remember a single discount or coupon just for being a customer.
Now this 30th Ann. Celebration and it only lasts for 3 days?
I didn’t even get an email!!! How could you not send out an email to let your customers know???

I’ve got money to spend, oh well.

It is obvious uaudio has a different model. I am a uaudio user but don’t get their coupons or sale emails for whatever reason. Perhaps seeing if you are signed up to receive steinberg emails would cure that for you.

I receive other emails from Steinberg, like their “Steinberg Events” notices.
Just nothing about thee sale.
Arturia is having a sale right now. They managed to let me know in a timely manner.
I guess they want my money more then SB.

also receive emails from steinberg - received one about the anniversary and a link to the party they had, this is what prompted this post really…

hope those who needed sounds had a good feeling! well deserved! that is a good deal IMO.
but but personally, im already on full blown cubase and i have the steinberg sounds i need (thanks to the paid bundle that came with H5 and HS2 release)- Groove agent??? cant even upgrade from GA4se… YET!

ahh about coupon etc… supermarkets give out these to lure you in and offer bit more to in order to take more dough from my pocket…its all repeat business.
personally i prefer an mega free update with nuff nuff bugs fixed and enhancements i,e bounce in place and the useful suggestions in the Feature Request section.

still looking in the shop window dreaming, drooling - hmmm major bug fixes and useful enhancement (some good suggestions in the Feature Request section :slight_smile:

Image line is celebrating only 20 yrs…

We’ve turned 20 and to thank our customers for their support, we’re giving away $10,000 in prizes and IL VCash. You can read a little about our company history here and the history of FL Studio here. There’s 3 x $2500 Guitar Center vouchers and 2 x $1250 IL VCash to be won. All you have to do to be in the running each month over the next 5 months, is to have posted (about anything as usual) in our customer forums. We will select a winner from the post log each month, see the Rules & Conditions below.

…we’re also giving you a discount on any and all plugins you want. Get one or get them all, get the same BIG discount. Offer valid until 10th September 2014 . (50% on all plugins)

Seems they know how to celebrate :stuck_out_tongue:

Makes these 3-day SB ‘quickies’ rather stingy, doesn’t it?

July 30 to August 1, 2014

But 5 months of anniversary celebration would interfere with Steinberg’s summer sale, Black Friday offerings and X-Mas sale…

I guess this is how a proper celebration is done:
isn’t it.

If Arturia offers 50% off when they celebrate their 15-year anniversary, shouldn’t Steiney off a 100% off for their 30th. :wink:

We demand free birthday cake for all users!

It’s all about getting new users over the line to buy the full product!
And when the fish is in…expensive long-life updates!!!
That’s their goal!

I say it stinks!

I am p i ss e d! :blush:

Even though I chimed in on this topic 5 years ago I wonder what this 30th anniversary was about?

Regards. :sunglasses:

haha… me too, probably 30th anniversary of steinberg as company ?

Thanks for the flashback!

his offer only includes full versions of Cubase Pro 10, Cubase Artist 10 and Cubase Elements 10 and the competitive crossgrade from all major DAWs to Cubase Pro 10. Updates, upgrades and educational versions are not part of the promotion.

Steinberg is celebrating a 30th anniversary and there are still many people around who used the software for almost 30 years. To thank all these people Steinberg decided to give them…drumroll…nothing.

Sorry Steinberg, this is a hard punch directly into the stomach of your most loyal customers.

Nothing like a discount on the upgrade from Cubase 9.5 to 10.
It’s a shame !!!

As a long time user of Cubase (from when it was called Pro 24 and ran on an Atari ST) to almost every release since, and including Halion, I feel that their 30th anniversary offer is a bit of a joke. 0/10 Steinberg, must do better.

I agree with the above!
I’ve not been a Cubase user for as long as some of you, but I did start with Cubase LE4 and have stayed loyal to Steinberg through to Cubase Pro 10.2!
I saw they were discounting NEW Halion 6 buyers but nothing if you want to upgrade from Halion 3???

Really MUST try harder Steinberg!!!


Disgruntled UK user!!!


Take a deep breath, folks.