30th anniversary discount for upgrades?

The 50% discount for the Cubase 30th anniversary sounds good.

It seems bizarre to offer it to new customers but not on upgrades for the long-term customers that have been with you on the journey. But that seems to be the case. Or am I missing something?

Updates are 50% off too.

Got me. The price was right finally.

Hi :slight_smile:
Would any discounts apply for people already bought the upgrade from Cubase Artist 9.5 to Cubase Pro 10, as part of the anniversary celebrations?
from last year

Or does it apply to only people,from this year?

Just wondering,as I bought my crossgrade in November last year :slight_smile:

Hi, unfortunately, this is a new promotion and does not apply to last year’s promotions.

Hi Ed
Ok,thanks for the heads up.Still Cubase is awesome to work with.I got a lot to learn and enjoy :smiley:

If your final product now you have is cubase artist 9.5 you can upgrade it to Cubase Pro 10 at half price from Artist 9.5. I see it is now £141. which is discount price of upgrading

They got me too.
I wasn’t quite ready for it just yet, but updated a couple programs because of the anniversary discount.

Thanks Steinberg.

Thank you
I bought my upgrade from Cubase Artist 9 .5 to Cubase Pro 10, last November,so I don’t qualify.