30th anniversary new Email offerings for existing clients

30th anniversary new Email offerings for existing clients Pls can some one guide me …

  1. SB said within the week there will be more discounts , I prefer to buy / upgrade all at one time… due to inconveniences…

  2. please can some one work out the best way to Upgrade my existing to get the best out of my older existing packages i dont need… appreciate thanks break down below.
    My Existing packages :

  3. Absolute 3
    2.Cubase pro 9.5
    4.Halion 4.

if i upgrade to Absolute 4 , i will get Halion 5 ? right ?? and i dont really require Halionsonic , so where do i apply to upgrade these packages ?? so i can invest in other packages … i will of course upgrade to Cubase pro 10 .also i had a separate package of Groove agent 2, n that package got consumed by the upgrade to absolute 3… n so i lost that paid version to upgrade to some thing else???
or will i loose the Halion 4 , when i upgrade absolute 3 to absolute 4 ?? if so why ??
or can i use , Halionsonic to upgrade to Cubase pro 10 fromC 9.5 and halion 4 to upgrade from Absolute 3 to Absolute 4 ?? n will i get the 50 % 30th celebration ??
can some one pls guide n compile the best way to go about this. for me … thankx … ws…

First things ever… there are two different groups of programs.

  1. DAW
  2. VST Instruments

In cubase (DAW) there are some VST instruments and Special editions of Groove Agent and Halion Sonic, the SE versions. They are not connected to any promotions reffering to VST instruments promotions and vice versa.

Absolute 4 is the top tier of VST Instruments (exept the Iconica) which includes the full versions of Halion and Groove Agent at the moment of its release. You can upgrate to that only Halion OR Halion Sonic OR Groove agent. The full versions of those, NOT the SE versions included for free in Cubase. So you have to wait a sales offer for VST Instruments to get those upgrades discounted.

Thankx , gestavrakis … appreciate your reply n thanks for that …
wish you could please simplify … I understand DAW … Cubase n VST …

  1. does that mean U cannot cross upgrade these two ??
    2.considering my situation : what would be the best for me to upgrade from …
    1.option 1 absolute 3 to absolute 4 ( if anniversary Offer applies )
    2.Cubase 9.5 to Cubase 10 ( 50 % off ) Good.
    3.what do i do with Halionsonic and Halion 4 ?? just lying around ill never use , as i will have the latest versions in Absolute 4.
  2. options : Upgrade Halionsonic, and Absolute 3 and Halion 4 to … cubase 10 and Absolute 4 …
  3. so i pay like ??? 5 $ only ( ok just kidding , but seriously what n how?? )
    Hey thankx Mate … n please anyone also chip in ?? advice ?? ,… n How about SB , whats the best fair deal… ? thanks n best wishes… happy summers… Jesus , i m so bad at the math …

Hi wetstreet,

yes, it means that they are different products. You cant have now an offer on Absolute you wish to…
The offer its in cubase only. You should upgrade to cubase now from cubase 9.5. Thats all you can do now.
About absolute 4
Wait for an offer for that product. Be patient. It will come eventually.
Anniversary offer DOES NOT cover halion / Absolute upgrades. Only Cubase. So do that from 9.5 and wait till VST offer comes

Whatever license you wish to upgrade, you will loose the current one. So if u upgrade from Absolute 3 to 4, having halion 6, you will have at the end halion 6 and absolute 4. If you upgrade halion, you will have Absolute 3 and Absolute 4. Its up to you and your money what you wish to upgrade. Ideally, you could upgade BOTH halion 6 and absolutely 3 to TWO copies of Absolute 4, spending ofc the money from halion 6 to Ab4 and Ab3 to Ab4.

Thankx mate … I am trying to comprehend. whats the point of 2 copies of absolute 4 , when u can load several say Halion 6 at a time … ?? . what would you suggest the best way out , in this , my , situation n save some greens… !!! … n thankx for ur time… appreciate it …