30Year Anniversary Upgrade 50% off for 8.5?

Is there a discount code for an upgrade from 8.5pro to 10? If anyone knows of one, please direct me.
If not, come on Steinberg! I have been paying for these upgrade products since 2001 and it’s about time to get a discount :open_mouth:

go to steinberg shop and choose the appropriate upgrade. Its on 50% already

You don’t need a code. Just go to the online shop and select the update you want. It’s half-price.

Yes, it is now showing up. When I first received the email a couple of days ago, it was the usual 187, without a 50% off code. At that point it seemed there was no discount for 8.5 users, though maybe it was an issue on my cache or something?

Got there in the end. This is good news! Thanks Steinberg and for replying.


When first announced, the offer was confined to only full versions, i.e. new customers, but following a global hissy fit and a forum meltdown, it was quickly amended to include upgrades as well.

It looks like everything is on sale for 50% off.
Updates, like the OP’s 8.5 pro to 10 pro,
and also upgrades - like going from Elements or Artist to Pro.

Yes, everything Cubase-related, with more promised across other product lines later, to be announced in special offer emails that nobody seems to be getting.

I got an email about Halion at the same time as this Cubase promo. I think it was for 30% off, if I remember right.
But I already have Absolute.

Steinberg have created some amazing products that I’ve been using since college in 1990. The 30 year anniversary discounts overall is definitely the right approach and they’ll do better like successful Chinese business’ do. Lower prices sell more and reach out to more people, though there’s an influx of so called ‘producers’ out there these days and so how can that issue be protected with the cheaper prices? I’m just pondering…

I was about to get Halion, however it’s £300 with no discount. Not sure how crossgrade works as there’s little detail. Am assuming I’d be crossgrading Cubase? Somone please verify…?

Halion is a VST program. Cubase is a DAW. The crossgrade is between DAW programs only

Yep, I found the way and indeed it’s 30% off here if you have cubase to £210: http://news.steinberg.net/go/6/3B4ZINZY-3B109S2O-3B33X48H-JPBDI9.html?utm_campaign=259098020448_cubase_anniversary_offer_halion&utm_content=__&utm_medium=&utm_source=newsletter&utm_term=WQPWR7D-18LFTZF
but not here where it is £300. If you crossgrade, it’s £214 https://www.steinberg.net/en/shop/buy_product/product/halion-6.html
Intriguing figures