32 bit cibase with 6gb ram

hi all,
i seems to notice that most forum cubase member in thier initial uses 64bit os wit cubase32 bit, n 6-8gb of ram in thir system… does it make any different?? as far as i know reading from the “knowledge base”… 32 bit cubase can only uterlize up to 4gb of ram, unless its a a 64bit version… can anyone wit abov system clarify this,

thx guy

Yes, cubase 32 itself can only utilize 4 gig but if you were running a 32 bit OS the OS would need some memory for itself and other startup programs so you would only be getting 1,5 to 2,7 gigs for Cubase to run in

I am using cubase 32 here in Win764x and 8GB of memory and it means that I can have a fully loaded Cubase without having to worry about choking the system

You can also use a host such as V-Pro that runs plugins outside of cubase so if you have say 16GB of memory you can give cubase 4 gigs to run in and have 2 instances of plugin hosts running 32bit plugins with 4gigs available to each host and still have 4 gig left for the system and maintain full compability with 32bit plugins.