32-bit or 64-bit


if I am running Cubase 32-bit on 64-bit Windows 7 - should I be using 32-bit plug-ins and drivers or 64-bit ones?

I am asking because the same projects opened by 64-bit Cubase on the 64-bit Win7 suffer worse performance than when opened by the 32-bit Cubase, and both exhibit worse performance than when opened by Cubase 32-bit on the 32-bit Win7 build on the same laptop.

Help with this muddle much appreciated,



When your using 64bit windows you can use 32bit cubase and work with 32bit plugins.
If you wanna use 64bit cubase it might be usefull to get jbridge to make your 32bit plugin run more stable in 64bit cubase.
If you have jbbridge you could also bridge 64bit plugins to perfom in 32bit cubase and adress more ram to them.

Hope it helped

greetz Bassbase

of course if you’re using 32bit plugins in C64 then there will be some extra overhead in bridging the plugins.