32 bit Plugin Support

Could it be any lamer to not support any 32 bit plug ins? That means production disruption and the loss of thousands of dollars worth of hardware and software just to move forward with ver 8. SUPER LAME!!! DO YOU THINK WE ARE MADE OF MONEY OUT HERE???:evil: :imp: :smiling_imp:

Jbridge is better than the internal Cubase/Nuendo bit bridge which was removed in Nuendo 8. Buy that.

But most of your plugins should have 64 bit versions by now. Developers began offering 64 bit versions of their plugins 10 years ago.

I would argue that your request makes a bigger impact if you keep it in line with reality. I don’t see how you’re losing thousands of dollars here, especially not on hardware, because of this. Use Jbridge and just update your plugins.

Only two examples …

Wizzooverb and my UAD-1 + all buyed Plugins for this makes 1600€ allone … and no, JBridge is not the solution, because all my bridged Plugins have a blank GUI, with JBridge also. I have buy N8 Update, but work with V7 …

I’ve had to sacrifice a few plugins myself, but if it helps with stability and is keeping the framework current and more reliable then I’m all for the current 64-bit only situation. Over the past couple of years I found 64-bit replacements for nearly all of the 32-bit only plugs, and there’s only one that I really miss now…but life goes on.

If I still had a UAD-1 I would be a little upset, but I replaced that many years ago now with a UAD-2. But I understand how it would be a punch in the gut to have to replace it. There’s another company that does a JBridge thing, I think? I can’t remember the name.

The problem isn’t replace PlugIns, but new PlugIns must be found, test, buy and change your workflow completly. I have x saved mixer group and track channels for drums, vox, guitars, Templates, etc. with “old” 32Bit PlugIns and in WLab 9.1 the same now. All my presets gone with latest Update, because, there are 32 Bit PlugIns include also. To change the things, you must spend a lot of lifetime …

Very true, I understand. But I would bet anything that it’s not going to go back in time with Cubendo because they’ve built the whole system around only 64-bit now, so I would recommend adapting as best you can. I don’t mean that in a rude way at all!

You can upgrade your UAD-1 plugins to UAD-2, and AFAIK that allows them to be run in 64 bit DAWs. In any case UAD-2 is almost 10 years old now, if you’re doing pro work then Nuendo and these plugins should have paid for themselves many times over.

As for the rest of the plugins, any plugin that don’t work like it should no matter what should have a cheaper, better sounding alternative these days anyway. But make sure to get the latest beta version of Jbridge and try all compatibility options including running in a separate window.

A Steinberg FAQ says: “Use jBridge. jBridge is an inexpensive third-party solution for bridging.”. But most of the 32 bit Steinberg instruments are somehow locked for being jBridged…
All over: I am getting used to work 64 bit only. Performance and stabilty is better. Execpt for those plugins of companies building buggy 64 bit plugs. Arturia for instance, pity.

Any one having any luck running JBridged Plugins (in my case Algorithmix Noisefree)with the new offline rendering/Direct processing function?
I cannot get it to work, the GUI disappears if i select apply (just for a test,because i can’t learn the noise profile) Nuendo crashes


I might be a little late but maybe it could help someone else. If you run Nuendo as administrator it ought to fix the jbridge gui problem.


Thanx for this info (not to late). All Plugins back there.

The only downside is, drag&drop audiofils from desktop isn’t possible anymore, but I can live with this …

Yes, I don’t know why drag and drop would go away but it does.