32 bit plugs not showing up in Cubase 7 64bit Windows 7

I have searched the forums and (maybe missed it) but did not see anything exactly like I am experiencing.
I spent a considerable amount of time reinstalling all my plugs and putting the 64 bit versions exactly where I wanted them and then placing all the 32 bit plugs (that are still awaiting 64 bit upgrades or ones that will never be upgraded) into their own separate directory with sub-directories that match their 64 bit brethren.

I have deleted the black list and the regular vst list and when I load C7 for the first time I SEE all the plugs go through the loading and authorization process. When I look at the VST plug list I SEE them all listed properly.

The problem is where are they? Only my 64 bit plugs show up in my dropdowns…none of the 32 bit plugs are anywhere to be found. I can live without most of them but I really need my Soundtoys and AbbeyRoad plugs.

Any thoughts as to what I have done wrong? This is really bugging me and causing indigestion!


Maybe a simple suggestions but have you put the path into your vts plugins 2.x settings?

Yes, and like I mentioned all the 32bit plugs show up in the list and also the first time C7 loads.

The problem is that they do not show up in the drop downs…so no way to access or use them.

I am stumped.

Did you hit the update plug in tab and the update tab in plug in info screen?

yep…did both of those…

totally baffling to me. They show up everywhere but the drop downs.
I am stumped.

Anybody from Steiny got any suggestions?

If you can’t find a solution maybe try JBridge. Better to use to bridge 32 bit plugins into 64 bit anyway.

Search for trashing preferences, this wil reset cubase config. Probably the solution.
On this forum or in the knowledge base there multiple explanation available.

Trashed the prefs
Renamed the Cubase& folder in appdata
Renamed the Steinberg folder in appdata

Same results…shows then in the Plug information
Shows them loading during the initial load
Nothing in drop downs.

I am about to give up cause I have run out of ideas and tried all of the suggestions.

Check out the paths in plugin info page on each plugin that is not loading. Make sure they are correct.

That was one of the first things I did.
Everything is showing correctly in the proper place on the list and show as x32 bit plugs.
They show up everywhere EXCEPT the drop downs.

I just removed and then reinstalled the eLicenser Control to the newest version of all files.

Anybody from Steinberg have any thoughts or suggestions?

Did you try to fill in an support form? It doesn’t hurt to have a 2nd line.

Oh by the way: are you starting Cubase 7 with administrator privileges? This also might help because all the 32 bit plugins work through the vstbridge (except the vst3 plugins if I recall it right).

NO! Have not tried that one so when I get home later I will certainly give that one a try.
Thanks for the suggestion. I will also see about filling in a support ticket if I have not found a solution by the weekend.

I have been through this whole 32bit plugin thing myself in the last 2 weeks, so I might be able to offer some insight.

  1. I found that running C7 in administrator when setting anything up fixed a few problems. Mainly, plugins I couldn’t authorise, or plugins that would authorise then ask to be authorised again.

  2. I had a major problem with Drumagog5 which simply would not show up in the list. Eventually, I uninstalled it, deleted everything on the computer related to it (especially all dll files), and re-installed. Hey presto, it showed up.

  3. I have definitely found that Jbridge is 10 times more reliable than the inbuilt Cubase bridge. I highly recommend it. I also recommend taking your time when installing it, and following the instructions for bridging precisely. I had to have a couple of attempts before I got it right, mainly because I skipped ahead and didn’t read the instructions properly.

Hopefully some of this helps.

Well, I own JBridge and have used it successfully in the past.
I will give the latest suggestions a try and report back (did not get time last night as I had hoped).

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Well, using admin privileges did nothing new…so no solution there.

I finally went ahead and used jBridge 1.5 and it solved the problem like I kinda knew it would.
I was just hoping that Steinberg had finally gotten their bit bridge act together and had a working product.
Guess not…

Anyway…thanks for all the support and suggestions but ultimately it boiled down to using a reliable 3rd party software to obtain results…

Hopefully by the end of the 1st quarter, the last of the major plug in manufacturers will get it together and release their flagship lines in 64 bit.