32 Bit Plugs

Hello everyone!

Would it be possible to use 32 Bit Plugs in N8?
Is J-Bridge going to work?

What ist the reason to drop 32 Bit support?
Here we all love MD3, lucky us, still running on Powercore.
That one will never come out in 64 native. Or?

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JBridge is working fine here. I’ve imported some older projects that use Groove Agent 3 and it is working flawlessly.

same here, JBridge works fine with PowerCore plugins.

MD3 powercore works with Nuendo8 uusing jbridge.
But I found problems with some Sonnox Plugins. My R3 and R5 do work, but the standalone filters (hi shelf and low shelf, not R3 or R5) do not work. So I have to use a R3 hi shelf and R3 low shelf instead.

Looks like I’m going to need a J-Bridge. This iteration wiped out waay to many plugs for me. Anybody got the link to purchase one?



Thanks to everone!
I’m going to try j-bridge.

32 Lives works great as well.
Every Powercore plugins - Virus, SH 101, MD3, VSS3, DVR2, Non Lin, Intonator, Brickwall - all there!

Depending on your system, even if you use JBridge, you might need to update your Powercore software to the latest available from the very dedicated -hail to him- Hagen@TC:

Last official TC 4.4.3 update was from 2014

Good Morning!
J-Bridge does the job.
Everything works great and we’ve got MD3 back.
Thanks Joao!

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Curious, is there a noticeable performance penalty or bugginess associated with Jbridge?

I started with the demo version of J-Bridge. It worked. So, I went back and purchased the full version. I got a file that said License Support Installer. I installed it and rebooted the PC. I expected the next time I opened N8 that I would have the full version of J-Bridge, or at least prompts that would let me point it to my full license. Instead, I’ve still got the demo version. How do I get it to roll over into the full working version?

Wouldn’t it make sense to ask the developer of jBridge?

Obviously, but I didn’t want to wait until Monday or Tuesday for a reply. I figured among all of the users here, someone might have already done it this way and could guide me through the process.

Make sure you are running an administrator account, reinstall your licensed jbridge with administrative privileges and run Nuendo also with administrative privileges.

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Ok, I’ll check that out. Thanks!

But won’t that break drag and drop of files from Windows File Explorer?